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Talk about the past of EOS and let you understand the concept of EOS as quickly as possible

Author:Hubi Date:2018-06-06 16:59:22

First of all, talk about EOS in the past. When we talk about EOS, we have to look at the concept of EOS distribution and how to get the currency circle to understand the concept of EOS as quickly as possible. It is actually very simple. It is an upgraded version of Ethereum. This is the most popular statement. It started with an upgraded version of Ethereum. If you talk about Ethereum's DOS system, then EOS can be called windows10. They are the underlying operating systems of the blockchain.

There is a function called smart contract. This smart contract is their underlying operating system, which is a function running on the virtual machine. The ICO only uses one of the application functions of the smart contract. Speaking of history, in the past year, why did Ethereum prices go from side to side for several years and suddenly burst out in June last year and turned all the way up, with a maximum of more than 10,000 yuan, and now it fell back to More than 3,000 yuan?

The tipping point is actually a small function of the smart contract, ICO is used in large quantities, which means that Ethereum finds its application scenario. Although ICO is illegal in the country, it is still a practical application scenario of Ethereum. With the application scenario, some people use it, and once they use it, they have a transaction and have a transaction. The longer the price will be higher. And EOS, it has more than just some of the features that Ethereum has, and it has something special about it, or a completely different place from Ethereum.

It can be understood from these several aspects: First, it is that there is no fee in the transaction process. Second, it has TPS, that is, its trading speed is more than one million per second. Third, Ethereum started as a POS and later changed to POW. EOS locates 21 super nodes as its full-node miners. This is the basic concept of EOS.