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Bitcoin puts the market dead in this position

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-31 11:46:35

The shift in the trend is always difficult and long and full of twists and turns. In the mid to late period of the bear market, capital and market sentiment became rational and fragile. After a long adjustment, everything became cautious.

This is the situation now. If you want to turn over, there is no more good, you can only delay the time. The positive has been basically fulfilled, and the probability of the Bitcoin fund has already been expressed in terms of price. The altcoin does not move, indicating that the situation has not improved. Of course, in the long run, most of the altcoins do go downhill.

A few days without a more article, the disk is no different from before. If the altcoin continues to do so, the upward pressure on Bitcoin will be even greater. Although the continuous sideways for six days said that it will not fall, but the pressure will force close to the short-period moving average.

Bitcoin sideways, the altcoin does not move, indicating that there is no so-called blood sucking. The absence of funds indicates that expectations for the future still exist, but more positives are needed to prove it.

The overall indication should be that the entire market will have a relatively stable period. Just like now. The volatility of each currency is limited, especially in the spot market. Because Bitcoin provides a stage of support. There are also some coins that have gone out of their own market because of the good, but not big. Since the altcoin remains as a whole, there will be no big market, and the risk of taking the independent market is too great.

Because there is no up-to-date progress on the news side, I still have to wait. However, it is worthwhile to refer to the price changes in the futures market.

Bitcoin futures maintain low volume, Ethereum's recent capital inflows ranked first, and the futures market also showed capital inflows. The low-priced currency now has a stable range, although the CME indicates that it will not be online in the new trading currency, and this indirect release signal will be postponed even if Ethereum has futures. The core focus of the market is still on the Bitcoin fund. However, this did not prevent the inflow of funds to Ethereum when Bitcoin was stepped back. This seems to be a signal. Can pay attention.

It was said that EOS should be the core of the market. However, after the main network did encounter various troubles, although the performance test is good, but the governance aspect is confusing, it takes a time to improve the digestion, and therefore its ability to drive can not be identified in a short time. This is reflected in the price of the disk, although there is buying, but the overall trend is too weak. It takes a short time to complete the transition.

Therefore, in fact, the market can drive popular varieties is still too little. In the top 10 currencies, the influence that can be seen now is still in bit and ether. This should be the core concern in the current time.

The monthly line will be closed in July, and the overall situation has been set. Short-term bitcoin is still expected, and the disk is then boring. As long as the bitcoin is not continuously heavy, the situation is fine. That is, as long as the funds that enter Bitcoin in July do not change, the problem is not big. The remaining currencies form an interval.

This situation is not easy to break now. I do not think there is any so-called disregard. Even if there is a top divergence, it can't represent anything. It is nothing more than an hour-level competition. The funds don't break the technical idea. Although the longer the long-term sideways, the weaker it is, but at this moment, it is not a technical factor. The callback will not change expectations, but retail investors will scare themselves. Unless Bitcoin continues to fall in volume, only this one indicator will prevail.

The expected layout funds are not withdrawn, the funds for market making are not in place, and the retail funds are too weak to go. However, for August, there is no pessimistic factor. In fact, bitcoin is more stable even if it falls. Just like the anchor of a big ship, the market is killed in this position. At this time, if there is good news, it will sail. If there is no good news, stop it and wait until the last news falls.