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Ethereum Technology and Application Conference on June 3rd

Author:Hubi Date:2018-06-04 17:53:56

Ethereum is a typical representative of the second-generation blockchain and naturally attracts much attention from the industry. The 2018 Ethereum Technology and Applications Conference also attracted many participants.

The conference began with the speech of Mr. Jiang Tao. Through various data, he showed that Ethereum is the most active community in the blockchain and worthy of research and practice.

Then Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum's founder, V, debuted. Vitalik Buterin was only 24 years old. He was once again a testament to the juvenile heroism. He shared some of the progress of Casper & Sharding in Ethereum, followed by the ether. The core developer Karl Floersch has done some training in basic encryption techniques. Techniques such as Vitalik and Karl are very simple. They don't know if they are not aware of the domestic technological development. China has indeed failed in technological innovation. However, it has made considerable progress in the field of Internet applications, including Wechat, Ali, and Jingdong’s e-commerce platform. Sincerely hopes that the technological exchange between China and the world can be deepened, and Chinese people can develop more. Original technology.

Blockchains, especially smart contracts, face many security risks. Not to mention the previous DAO incidents. The major loopholes in recent US chain (BEC) can be described as heavy losses. The design of blockchain smart contracts has resulted in the cost of bug fixes. Therefore, higher requirements are placed on technicians. Mr. Jiang Xuxian gave a wonderful speech on the threats and challenges faced by the Ethereum smart contract.

Mr. Yang Guang's speech “Based on Ethereum's ticketing and design patterns in the ticketing industry” explains the application of a blockchain landing. The design of double tokens is still impressive.

The MakerDAO speech gave people a certain understanding of the fiduciary business model that anchors the currency.

Based on Ethereum's speech on the side chain of the Internet of Things, the design of the eco-system is an eye-opener.

Mr. Meng Yan's speech "Earth Square Economic System Analysis and Thinking" speech, there are many bright spots. We all know that for Bitcoin, the economic model is more important. This is also true for Ethereum. He started with the Spanish model and the British model, which made everyone understand the importance of a highly democratic and negotiated governance system for ecological development.

The practice of blockchain certification economy in the game, Zhang Jian through their own game design and operation practices, to give you a lot of inspiration.

He Bin, as the founder of imToken, made a wonderful sharing of “The User, The Trader, The Developer”, let us see the Chinese forces in the field of blockchain.

From the development of Ethereum, we can clearly see that more and more outstanding technical talents, such as Vitalik abroad, He Bin, etc., have come to the center of the commercial stage, which will be a long-term, irreversible. the trend of.