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Bitcoin ETF catalytic market

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-27 11:44:46

ETF is a transactional open index securities investment fund, referred to as an exchange-traded fund. It is an open-ended index fund listed on the exchange, which combines the advantages and characteristics of stocks, open-end index funds and closed-end index funds. It is an efficient indexed investment vehicle.

In fact, many institutions in the traditional securities industry have been paying attention to the digital money market for a long time. However, due to the illegitimate, unstable, and high risk of digital currency, most organizations have been on the market. Wait and see. In particular, there are too many cases of government intervention in the economy, especially the digital currency, a new thing that may threaten the national monetary system, and it may lead to high-pressure supervision by the government at any time.

Once the SEC approved the Bitcoin ETF, even if it does not represent the legalization of digital currency, at least it is a hole. Moreover, the market value of digital currency is only a fraction of the traditional stock market and futures market. Once these hot money comes into play, it is easy to increase the total market value of the digital currency market several times.

The experience of the Bitcoin ETF is also very tortuous. Since 2017, the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) has received several listing applications for Bitcoin ETFs, but they have all been directly rejected. On July 9 this year, the Chicago Board of Trade. The application to the SEC was not rejected, and the SEC also sought public opinions and the public's response was positive. Therefore, the possibility of passing the Bitcoin ETF is still very large.

From the point of view of the mood inside, everyone is also looking forward to the approval of the Bitcoin ETF. Since the market has been in a bear market since February 2017, even if there is a wave of Mavericks on the eve of the EOS main online line, there is still no change in the fragile market. Now the market urgently needs a major boost to boost morale. This bitcoin ETF and G20 regulation is undoubtedly what everyone expects. Moreover, from the perspective of stocks and gold, a large market has been born through the ETF.