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Bitcoin is energy efficient but not necessarily valuable

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 16:21:12

Bitcoin is energy efficient but not necessarily valuable.Then, in the future, as an infrastructure, the blockchain can provide three capabilities: the ability to store network infrastructure, the ability to manage data queries, and the ability to provide financial transaction settlement for digital transaction services. The blockchain application process also incorporates technologies from a variety of other disciplines, including technologies in all aspects of IT such as next-generation network encryption, storage, cloud (including data collection), artificial intelligence, and more.

The blockchain is very innovative, but it is also a huge challenge to existing rules and regulatory models. The decentralized and distributed equivalence of blockchain model innovation is based on the self-trust mechanism of information technology to solve multi-party trust cooperation and equivalence problems, and supports automatic triggering and execution of contract contracts or treaties through smart contracts. Value interconnection to reduce transaction costs.

From the perspective of technology and system, the blockchain can provide self-trust mechanism based on consensus mechanism, information encryption, intelligent contract and other technologies from the technical point of view, and solve the problem of multi-party collaborative data credibility. As long as there is a system running, many companies do not need to build their own systems; from a system perspective, the blockchain will change the original division of labor and cooperation through a new type of credit mechanism to promote the development of value Internet, thereby greatly reducing the trading system. cost.

However, in the actual operation process, the development of technology must be tested by practice. We know that the time and resources of various block-based technology token-based transactions are still very large, including the power of mining waste. Moreover, as the amount of data increased by the user, the time cost of the transaction is also high.

From the current research, the blockchain has typical application scenarios and application requirements in some fields such as financial services, supply chain management, culture and entertainment, intelligent manufacturing, social welfare, and education. The core of the blockchain is the generation, flow, storage, and sharing of data. Then, using its data transparency, non-tampering, and traceability to reduce the cost of transaction technology and the institutional cost of transactions, it seems that in the field of financial services, it should now be Most demanding.

In the field of digital currency, the application advantages of blockchain have been very successful. In other areas, we chose the best technology or the only technology (that is, only blockchain technology can solve the scenario and needs of this application), and finally found some successful application cases.

For example, a commercial bank's reconciliation platform for Internet WeChat and QQ users borrows money. Because it is not a bank issuing debt, the amount is small, and the repayment time is different. How to reconcile each bank, using blockchain technology to support, The account can be seen at any time, and the effect is very good. The effectiveness of the platform operation is improved, the cost is saved, and the cooperation line does not need to repeat the development of the system, only the nodes of the operation and maintenance blockchain are required. Platform statistics, disaster tolerance, reliability and financing are stronger.