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How fast is digital currency developmen?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 16:04:07

How fast is digital currency development? Many people may not have an accurate understanding of this. If the development of the Internet can be described as changing with each passing day, then the development of digital currency is not to be seen as "one day is missing, such as three autumns."

Many people's understanding of digital currency may still remain in the stereotype of bitcoin skyrocketing, air currency cutting of leeks, wasting power resources, and the state restricting its development. The "many people" here not only refer to the ordinary people who eat the melons, but even the International Settlement Bank can't avoid it.

Recently, the international stage bank issued an industry report on digital currency with prejudice and public opinion. It was immediately pointed out by the Weiss Institute and listed one by one, listing the following six major mistakes:

1. It is not only supercomputers that can handle large amounts of transaction verification;

2. Focus only on the high energy consumption of Bitcoin, ignoring the new digital currency using the POS consensus algorithm;

3. Falsely believe that the use of digital currency has no intrinsic value;

4. I only know that Bitcoin can't guarantee the end of the transaction, but I don't know that many currencies such as Stellar and Ripple guarantee 100% of the transaction through the BF Consensus Agreement;

5. Falsely believe that unlicensed digital currencies are not qualified for digital currency, but consensus algorithms allow for the use of digital currencies for democratic voting and secure transactions;

6. Too much concern about the volatility of digital currencies and gain more liquidity over time.

Let's take a few more examples of the development of digital currency. You may have a deeper feeling.

Take the news mentioned in the article the day before yesterday, "Sichuan flood caused some mines to be flooded, bitcoin net power fell sharply", the front foot just spit out "it seems that the mine should be multi-centered development, in order to be better Avoid similar disasters.” After the bitcoin developer Matt Corallo announced the launch of a mining pool to increase multi-centeredness, although the causal relationship here is open to question, the efficiency of the currency pain point is indeed an industry leader.

In the same article a few days ago, Forefoot Alipay completed a cross-border payment based on blockchain technology in Hong Kong. The latter foot Lianyungang also began to use blockchain technology for bidding management, making good use of the blockchain. Open and transparent features to solve the trust problem signed by experts, although it may seem that it is not a big thing, but the blockchain application landing, has taken a big step.

In fact, whether it is the government or ordinary melon friends, if you want to supervise or play with digital currency and blockchain, you must first have an accurate understanding of it. The development of digital currency is too fast. We cannot use a fixed thinking to measure one. Real-time dynamically changing transactions. Stay open, refuse to be rigid, I believe you can gain more.