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Digital currencies are developing like fire in various countries around the world.

Author:Hubi Date:2018-06-04 17:49:02

If you focus on the blockchain, then you will definitely know Bitcoin, because blockchain technology has already been applied when Bitcoin emerged. Of course, Bitcoin has never been favorably changed everywhere, and the price has changed from a few hairs to tens of thousands. It is simply a matter of flying, but it takes a few years. The reason why Bitcoin is so hot is that it is the core technology, the centralization of blockchain technology, and does not depend on the characteristics of third-party issuing organizations and transactions. So now a lot of playing Bitcoin, of course, there are other digital currencies are also in full swing, such as Ethereum, Litecoin and the recent special fire EOS grapefruit coins, etc.

What needs attention is that the digital currency represented by Bitcoin has received many attention in recent years, not only at home, but also abroad, especially the bank's attention to digital currency. In August 2016, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Santander, and Bank of New York Mellon, the world’s four largest banks, have announced that they will jointly develop new digital currencies in order to be able to clear transactions through blockchain technology and become global banks in the future. Industry standard. At the national level, attention and research on digital currency are also continuing.

Norway has taken the lead in currency digitization. As early as 2014, the People’s Bank of China established a special research group to issue statutory digital currencies. It conducts forward-looking research on digital currency-related issues and research on digital currencies is being carried out in an orderly manner. Among them. In a study, the Bank of England pointed out that the central bank can directly control the supply of money and credit creation through the issuance of digital currencies, eliminating the need for interest rate adjustment as the main policy tool.

Some experts said that digital currencies will affect economic development, so in the past many countries have imposed supervision on them, such as Japan, India, and the United States, and the Philippines is the first country in Asia to introduce digital currency control measures. Of course, China also has corresponding measures. However, the emergence of various kinds of figures in foreign countries has occurred. Digital currency exchanges are also one after the other.