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Will Facebook issue digital currency?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 15:59:25

Recently, digital currencies such as Bitcoin have fallen sharply, and they have repeatedly hit new lows. However, there have been big news in these two days, which is considered to be a big plus for the currency, which may affect the trend of Bitcoin. The news is that Facebook was suddenly exposed and interested in acquiring the digital currency exchange Coinbase.

At present, Facebook not only did not respond, nor denied the rumor, it seems to add a bit of authenticity. Previously, Facebook once had a resistance to digital currency and suspended related ads. But recently, this rule has been withdrawn, making people curious about their sudden changes. But there is no doubt that Facebook's attitude towards digital currency has changed. Then, is this direct acquisition of the exchange, is it to kill the currency circle?

Today, we will guess what the next step for Facebook will be. First of all, it is natural to understand the Coinbase company. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is currently the world's most visited digital currency exchange and one of the largest users. In addition to digital currency transactions, its main business also includes bitcoin wallets, e-commerce and so on. As early as 2015, Coinbase received a total investment of 75 million US dollars. At present, the accumulated investment has reached more than 100 million US dollars, which is the "unicorn" in the exchange.

 What is more noteworthy is that Coinbase currently has a user base of 20 million, which is almost equal to the total population of a country. Although Facebook's active users now exceed 2.2 billion, once the Coinbase is in the bag, it is undoubted that one foot has entered the currency circle, and even has the possibility of controlling the digital currency industry.

 Currently, Coinbase has obtained a UK e-money license to conduct business in EU countries. At the same time, it is also preparing to become a digital currency brokerage company recognized by the US government through acquisitions. It has almost become a regular digital finance regular army. Therefore, through this acquisition, Facebook not only has a foothold into the currency circle, but also gained a huge advantage in the field of digital finance.

 No doubt, of course, it is the currency! What is the biggest role of the exchange? Of course it is ICO! Yes, if Facebook acquires Coinbase, Facebook will naturally control the ICO's capabilities. As we all know, the blockchain and the currency circle of the exchange are absolutely centralized, which can be said to be super super super nodes! In the face of the business of making money without losing money, and having Facebook endorsement, the future prospects can be seen. At the same time, Facebook itself can also issue coins, that is, tokens or pass certificates.

Just like Tencent’s Q coins, Facebook has also released FB coins, but it didn’t take long to disappear. Therefore, if Facebook intends to use Coinbase to release new tokens, it can not only act as a game currency, but also become a securities through ICO, which is bound to become the most attractive digital currency in the world.