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How many common anonymous coins are there?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 15:58:22

According to the definition of anonymous currency, you can easily determine what is an anonymous coin and what is a coin by checking whether there is a transaction amount and the address of both parties in the blockchain browser.

Currently, there are three types of anonymous coins:

1. Monroe (XMR): the most typical anonymous currency

Monroe was founded in 2014. Based on the CryptoNote protocol (unlike Bitcoin), Monroe is a currency in Esperanto, and the founder's ambition can be seen. Monroe uses a covert address to ensure the irrelevance of the two parties, using ring signature technology to anonymize the transaction, which means that unlike Dash, the master node needs to use its own currency for confusion. Monroe does not depend on Any central node achieves a stronger blending effect.

Covert addresses are relatively well understood. Each transaction uses a one-time public key to calculate a temporary covert address, and then sends the amount to a temporary covert address. When the recipient wants to use the money, use the private key to retrieve it. Enough. The use of an intermediate springboard ensures that the parties to the transaction will not be associated with an urgent transaction.

2.ZCash (ZEC)

ZCash uses the cryptographic principle of “zero knowledge proof” to hide all information of the trader in the blockchain record, including the address and transaction of both parties. Therefore, even if the IP corresponding to a wallet address is obtained, the entire transaction chain cannot be traced.

3.Particl (PART)

Particl is a decentralized e-commerce blockchain project that is currently a currency. According to its roadmap plan, it is transitioning to anonymous currency. Particl uses ELEMENTS' sidechain technology, which provides anonymous transmission (CT) and isolated witness solutions. Currently, when querying a transaction on the blockchain browser, it is still the data of the coin, but it should be an anonymous currency in the future. During the transition, the price of Particl (PART) may fluctuate wildly (the PART price at the time of this writing is $10)