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Three Big Reasons Will Rejuvenate Bitcoin Prices

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 15:57:23

The recent digital currency market is in mourning, and the Bitcoin bubble theory has emerged one after another. Is bitcoin really dead? - Nope, Bitcoin is not dead.

Buy low and sell high are the same theorems of making money. When the market is very optimistic, it is in fact best suited to selling assets in the market. At the same time, it is very cautious to try to enter the market. When the market performance is more pessimistic, it is a good time to enter the market. At this time, it is necessary to look for a good one. Click and invest.

In CNBC Fast Trader on June 23rd, BKCM founder and cryptocurrency investor Brian Kelly forecasted the recent price adjustments of bitcoin and future price trends: Bitcoin will revert to its previous level in the medium term. It will also exceed 10,000 U.S. dollars.

There are three signals for bitcoin recovery:

1. The negative sentiment of investors shows that the market price has bottomed out

Considering the negative sentiment of investors on the cryptocurrency market, the data volume shows that the market has already started the hunter-bottom action. In other words, the cryptocurrency market may soon bottom out. Although the cycle is not yet known, it will probably rise in the next two or three months or in the middle of the fourth quarter of this year according to the laws of the past.

2. Japan and South Korea cryptocurrency exchange market has recovery information

The Japanese government has begun to strengthen the supervision of cryptocurrency exchanges, at the same time clearing up some non-compliant exchanges and raising industry standards. From a short-term point of view, regulating industry supervision measures is bad news. But in the long run, it can often bring positive effects to the market. Official intervention and supervision can prevent the recurrence of major hacking incidents, so cryptocurrency exchanges can grow steadily in the open market and gain the trust of more investors.

3. Bitcoin clearing of "The First Gate Gap" was postponed until 2019

Some time ago, the trustee of "Mt.Gox" dumped $400 million worth of bitcoin, which directly caused Bitcoin prices to plummet to $6,000.

Now, the trustee of Mt.Gox has promised to delay the sell-off: “They will not sell the remaining bitcoin before the first quarter of next year, and they are not expected to sell it until the beginning of 2019.”

Obviously, this is a market optimism that should be taken into consideration, because at least in the most recent period, another major factor causing the market to fluctuate has been eliminated.

Bitcoin is not dead and time will tell.