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The value of Bitcoin, do you know

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 15:56:24

“Bitcoin is just a bunch of worthless codes!” This kind of rhetoric is still whispering, and the fact that they have boarded newspapers and websites of various party media, is truly helpless.

The value, the word itself is very vague. Marx once defined value: it is a measure of the amount of material resources that humans use to measure the attainment of a consensus on the spirit. The size of an attribute that belongs to a commodity depends on how much socially necessary labor time it takes to produce it.

But this definition is not applicable in many places. For example, a package, you can rely on the consumption of "socially necessary labor time" to measure? Another example is CCTV's repeatedly criticized Apple and Starbucks. They are specifically approved from the perspective of “cost of production”, and then hinted that this is a capitalist country’s exploitation of China. They also criticized the people who bought Apple and drank Starbucks and “worshiped foreigners”. .

But did Apple and Starbucks adjust their prices? Of course not. In today's economic globalization, any kind of propaganda that attempts to hinder the circulation of goods is so weak.

Take Apple as an example. Behind it is the huge empire created by the late Jobs. It once subverted the entire world's aesthetic concept of technology products. It is considered by people to be a representative of fashion. Its smooth special custom IOS system ensures A sufficient degree of differentiation with Android. Starbucks as a brand, people tend to enjoy the warm and comfortable atmosphere of the store, and it provides more high-quality services than simple goods.

More importantly, they have strong demand, and these demands will naturally become a solid foundation for their pricing strategies.

Naturally, Bitcoin also has hundreds of millions of power consumption behind it, IT elite program development, chip outflows from precision hardware factories, and unremitting efforts by financial professionals to promote deeper and more rational thinking.

It has overturned people's understanding of it again and again and will continue to subvert it in the future.Just this kind of subversion has already been worthy of numerous people. What's more, it outlines an immense business blueprint that is completely different from the current world commercial system.

So how much is the value of Bitcoin, who said it is not, let the market decide!Remember that the weight of one scale that measures the value of Bitcoin is always in your hands.