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How to identify MLM coins, what is the difference between them and current Bitcoins?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 15:55:26

What is a MLM currency? Why is this concept coming out? This MLM coinage is also due to the emergence of Bitcoin. Since the emergence of Bitcoin, especially the value of Bitcoin, a bitcoin has reached tens of thousands of US dollars. Some criminals have seen the opportunity to make money, so they came up with it. MLM currency, especially if the type of digital currency has increased significantly in recent years. So what's the difference between these MDCs and Bitcoin on digital currency trading platforms?

If you invest in a MLM coin, it will obviously be like a real-life MLM. It's very dangerous. You may even go to the property and have nothing left. Therefore, you should look for the currency before investing in digital currency. Don't use MLM coins! So how do you identify MLM coins? The following Hubi currency network to introduce the characteristics of the next channel of the currency, we can identify and purchase according to these characteristics before investing in digital currency!

MLM features:

1. As with MLM, there will be many levels going offline. This is normal. Multi-level invitations to send tokens or rebates are available. Grades 3 and 4 are less, and some even reach 100. In this way, you can quickly summon a large number of people who think of nothing for nothing, and then sift through ignorant whites to give them private money.

2. If the contract is profitable, it will go online sometime, and it will be opened at least ten times. Everybody doesn't want to sell it. You are only expected to be dazed until he can withdraw the real money. The currency has no market value, no one can take orders, and he can't buy it. Some are still locked, and you still believe that the currency will rise even higher.

3.personal worship, take you to make money, followed by the boss with meat, luxury cars to follow, today the yacht is tender tomorrow, in short, take you to make big money, and often make speeches. Live dials, etc. You imagine at home a certain day, just follow the boss, this is my future. Others can do it and I can do it.

4.It is said that the docking of the real economy is almost entirely funded by financing, how to play? The bottom of the chip is locked, sells at a high price, and continues to sell at a high price in order to find the Pan Man. Anyway, if you continue to unlock it, you can continue to raise the limit. Use the principal that comes in later to make income in front of people, keep rolling snowballs, commonly known as demolishing the Western Wall to fill the Western Wall! As long as you are greedy, you will always be a loser, and you may lose tomorrow.

Obviously, Bitcoin does not have these attributes. Bitcoin is developed using blockchain technology, and it is decentralized. It can even be circulated around the world with no hidden costs of ownership. The key is to cross-platform mining. , you can use mining machine mining, MLM coin is no such feature!

If you want to buy an investment coin or if you apply one of the above points, then this can almost be regarded as a MLM currency or an air coin, with a probability of 99%, so you have to Be cautious, don't be greedy, greedy is the devil! There is a saying that is good, never change, perhaps the future MLM currency will have a new gameplay, but as long as you carefully identify, use the above points to identify the ok! Of course, to the formal digital currency trading platform or Bitcoin trading platform to buy, then it is more reliable, such as the Hubi currency digital currency trading platform is reliable, but also a global trading platform!