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Amazing and interesting Bitcoin worth your own, did you buy it?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-05-31 13:53:23

There are a lot of magical and interesting things. Bitcoin is one of them. Maybe you haven't heard of it. But in the blockchain, he is like God. Why? Bitcoin In some countries and regions, Bitcoin can directly buy things and trade! And it's just an electronic currency, a digital cryptocurrency!

Some people think this is a speculative bubble, and others call it a digital revolution. Everyone has his own opinion about the world's first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Some people think that when Bitcoin happened in 2009, the era of cryptocurrency began, and it will become the greatest thing in economic history. Others believe that the digital bubble is about to explode. Anyway, everyone talks about Bitcoin, and even some people manage to make millions of dollars. The class teacher will explain what Bitcoin is.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, researchers proposed a variety of ideas on how to create decentralized cryptocurrencies. In 2008, the mysterious person or group of people called Nakamoto Satoshi, still unknown, published a description of a peer-to-peer payment system. This means that each user of this network has equal rights - no center and periphery, server and customer.

Bitcoin is a scattered digital currency. Decentralized means that all transactions are conducted directly between users. There are no agents, such as banks, payment systems, and no government controls. The number means Bitcoin exists as a record of transaction data.

The system that records data blocks and all blocks is called a blockchain. This technology is based on Bitcoin, other digital currencies and blockchain platforms. Each block is the result of a calculation—an algorithm needed to record information in a block. These calculations were performed by diggers who created new blockchains and were rewarded. The entire blockchain is located on each user's device, so there is no way someone can work on this distributed database unless they can access hundreds of thousands of devices at the same time.

Security and reliability are indeed the main advantages of Bitcoin. However, there are also the opposite of coins. It's impossible to cancel or change after the transaction, so you'd better check everything carefully so that you don't send your cryptocurrency to others.

The issuance of Bitcoin is limited, and diggers can generate approximately 21 million BTC. By the way, the more blocks there are, the more necessary it is to generate new blocks.


Today, many people use Bitcoin not only as an investment tool but also as a means of payment. According to Forbes, the first Bitcoin deal was conducted by American Laszlo Hanyecz. In 2010 he proposed 10,000 ТТС for delivering two pizzas. Today, the price of a digital coin is about $7,500, with which you can buy real estate, pay for hotel rooms or pay for it in stores with Bitcoin.


Bitcoin's greatest potential is independent trading. Perhaps it will become the basis of a new truly free economy, not relying on the central bank and the national supervisory authority. As long as there is the Internet, this currency exists. Bitcoin, on the other hand, does not have any physical value on which it is based, so bitcoin rates can be quite volatile and depend on speculation. In any case, today's Bitcoin will become an attractive investment, unless you sell all your property, it is worth buying BTC.

Many cryptocurrencies are now mimicking Bitcoin, but none of them can surpass Bitcoin in terms of price! Now that the blockchain is so hot, Bitcoin is actually applied to blockchain technology!