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Blockchain technology can solve 3D printing problems, believe it is true

Author:Hubi Date:2018-06-13 16:52:59

Vaguely remember that a few years ago, 3D printing was in the turmoil of the storm, perhaps for technical reasons or other reasons, 3D printing has not yet appeared in our lives in large numbers, but only occasionally on the Internet to burst out new about 3D printing technology Progress, you can understand it, 3D printing technology development is not as fast as everyone imagined; and to the past few years, blockchain technology has risen! Blockchain has been recognized by many people.

And there are experts who say that blockchain can bring some substantial progress to 3D printing. That is to combine blockchain technology with 3D printing. The combination of the two doesn't know, but it is certain that the blockchain Technology combined with 3D printing can solve some industry-specific issues. For example, the following 7 aspects!


1. Bad trust mechanism: 3D design model data (digital manufacturing information files) can be easily copied, transferred, and transmitted. When customers look for 3D printing services, they must first sign a confidentiality agreement; even if they sign a confidentiality agreement, customers cannot fully trust themselves. Data is not copied.

2. Intellectual property protection is difficult: The core information of digital manufacturing exists in the form of digital files and is easily pirated and copied.

3. The data is easily tampered with: For example a 3D model, it is easy to use CAD software to modify some of them and become a new 3D model.

4. Inadequate design data: Because of concerns about data security, and no well-designed realization channels, designers are not willing to share the design data, causing a lot of repetitive design and stifle innovation.

5. The level of manufacturing services is not high: Customers find it difficult to find the most suitable manufacturer, and often experience poor manufacturing service experience due to communication problems, manufacturing process, logistics issues, and so on.

6. Idle resources: There are a large number of 3D printers (including desktops and industrial machines) on the market with idle resources; at the same time, there are a large number of designs in the society that need to be manufactured in small batches and personalized.

7. Miscellaneous: In today's 3D printing industry, there are problems such as uneven distribution of manufacturing resources, long production processes, high communication costs, opaque material price information, and insufficient production capacity.

Blockchain as a basic technology, although it was only applied to digital currency and rarely applied to other industries, it can integrate multiple value chains of digital manufacturing processes and create connected data clues in the value chain. Combining 3D printing technology may be the reason. The emergence of blockchain technology is expected to solve these seemingly intractable problems. Through blockchain distributed bookkeeping, smart contracts, encryption technology, etc., various participants in the digital advanced manufacturing process are effectively protected, and overall operational efficiency is improved and resource waste is reduced, and 3D printing just needs them.

If you are exploring 3D printing technology and you have encountered some problems, and you are at a certain intersection and you are overwhelmed, you can try combining 3D printing with blockchain technology, and you might even get unexpected results! !