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Blockchain technology can develop bitcoin. Can it bring anything to the media industry?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-06-06 17:59:01

As we all know, Bitcoin is useful for blockchain technology, peer-to-peer and decentralized technologies. Of course, other cryptocurrencies are also useful for blockchain technology. Can blockchain technology be used in the media industry? If so, what benefits does blockchain technology bring to the media industry?

The first one: Blockchain technology can solve the copyright issue for the media industry

If there is such a platform, he can have the function of copyright determination; when a certain media publishes an article and marks the original, it will calculate the check weight in the background and determine and record the copyright attribution according to the rules. If all platform media open up content libraries, automatically detect and detect infringements, and jointly provide third-party services with low-cost and high-efficiency rights protection, the thorny issue of copyright can be easily solved.

The original function of the WeChat public platform has taken an important step in this regard, but it is still far from enough. Compared with copyright determination and rights protection, the more important thing is the circulation of copyright. I think this may also be something WeChat will do next. Why is copyright circulation important? I will discuss in detail the "individual editor" section later.

The second one: blockchain technology can solve the problem of uneven distribution of benefits to the media industry

Regardless of whether it is a headline or a portal, every year billions of billions of billions of advertising revenues are generated, and how many are actually distributed to content creators? The blockchain can make these mediation channels disappear and distribute advertising revenue and user fees to content creators according to certain rules in tokens. In this regard, a startup project called Steemit abroad is doing similar things.

The essence of the token is the option. If the entire ecosystem can grow, participants will benefit from it. The essence of the killing and killing of blockchains is to kill all agents and return the value to its creator. The specific institutional arrangements are no longer elaborated here. Interested entrepreneurs can make a white paper based on this idea.

Although blockchain technology is currently in the development stage, the two points that can be given to the media are very useful. When the blockchain is used as a technology, it is profitable. With the development of blockchain technology, it is believed that it will be given to the media industry. Even other industries bring more benefits, why not do it!