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What is the essence of the blockchain?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-06-05 16:33:17

The blockchain is particularly hot recently. Why is the blockchain so hot? In fact, blockchain technology was applied ten years ago. It was Bitcoin because it was not optimistic at the time, so blockchain technology was not supported at that time, but recently due to the decentralization and trust of blockchains, etc. Being optimistic about the experts, so it got fired up, what is the essence of the blockchain? do you know?

If you don’t understand the blockchain, then here’s a popular example to explain. In a family, the characters are Mr. A, Mrs. A, A Grandpa, and A grandmother. Their respective accounts have recorded their expenses. Because Mr. A family does not trust each other. Mr. A himself is diligent in diligently attending his monthly wife, but Mrs. A may receive 1,000 yuan but remember to receive 100. Isn't that a big loss?

How to solve this problem with blockchain? If one day Mr. A gave 1,000 pieces to Mrs. A, he only had to make a big noise to the family - Mr. A gave Mrs. A 1000, and asked everyone to write down "Mr. A gave Mrs. A. 1000" on their respective books. It's OK.

Then everyone in Mr. A's family became a node. Every time Mr. A's home transaction was recorded by everyone (each node).

After each night who has washed the bowl (workload proof), he can check out on the public ledger and get paid for the dishwashing. New transactions must be added after the books that are generally recognized by the previous day, and others will participate in the verification. Day trading.

Naturally someone will ask, can we use malicious operations to destroy the entire blockchain system? For example, if you do not recognize other people's results, or if you forge results, what should you do?

For example, Mrs. A suddenly said one day that Mr. A did not give her 1000, then the whole family will stand up and reprimand her. If Mrs. A finishes washing her bowl some day and wants to get involved in the checkout, other people involved in the verification will stand up and reprimand her (unless she can buy more than half of them). If she is found to be fake, her bowl will be white. When you wash, the rewards won't be available, and it's possible that you will continue to wash your dishes the next day.

The last recognized book will only increase and will not decrease. Subsequent family members will continue to check out the longest book. The blockchain is actually very simple and it is a distributed public ledger.

Of course, if you are not in the blockchain field, or if you are just getting into the blockchain field, it's hard to understand, but it doesn't matter. You don't need to learn from it. You just need to ask more questions and understand more easily.