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Bitcoin is the first application of blockchain technology

Author:Hubi Date:2018-06-04 18:00:45

Many experts hold a positive attitude towards the blockchain and encourage the application of blockchain technology, but at the same time, they also indicate the current immatureness of the blockchain and risks among investors, especially the current rampant MLM, “three No "air coins, etc.

Bitcoin is the first application of blockchain technology, but Bitcoin does not equal the blockchain. Consensus bookkeeping in the blockchain ensures that the books can not be tampered with and open and transparent, as well as the accounts can not go wrong. Distributed database technology can build a low-cost trust mechanism, which is also the theoretical basis for the development of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin investment and trading is currently not allowed to be a trading platform for encrypting digital currency, but it is not possible to do centralized transactions, but it does not prohibit ordinary people from buying and selling bitcoins. The neutral attitude at the regulatory level also means that ordinary people who do not know about bitcoin and blockchain should not follow suit, because the ratio of risks and bubbles in the blockchain is still very large.

There are still bubbles in the current blockchain, and the reasons can be divided into two aspects: First, the development of new technologies, people invest with great enthusiasm, and second, there are some "three no" air coins currently appearing on the market. People are highly speculative, leading to a hot market and accelerating bubble production.

The Internet is the foundation of blockchain technology. The Internet disperses all information, and the collection of information will generate Internet monopolies. The application of blockchain technology will collect this data in its own hands, and the value of personal data will be generated. Own it all. Blockchain is a machine that builds trust. For example, applying this technology to areas such as equitable areas, e-commerce, copyright, and agriculture, allowing everyone to play their role together to form a structure of co-governance will certainly be a big step forward. Buffett said: Only after the ebb tide know who is nude. The current currency circle risks and opportunities coexist, but the final value will certainly return to the real blockchain project. As the Internet has said, not participating in the blockchain is waiting to die, but treating this phase as a capital game is for death.