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The United States lifted the ban on two blockchain startups, and they can reopen the blockchain business.

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-27 17:51:33

Blockchain is the first choice for startups. Many entrepreneurs have entered this industry, not only in China, but also in foreign blockchain startups. For example, the United States is still a business that was previously released by the United States. Are the two startups of the termination order? The ban has been revoked now!

This source is from foreign media. The Office of the Attorney General of South Carolina is currently responsible for securities regulation in the state. They previously issued a business termination order to the cryptocurrency mining company Genesis Mining and the blockchain startup ShipChain in March and May this year. The two companies operate in the state. But now, the ban on the two companies has been revoked, it is worth mentioning that this move marks the first time in South Carolina to lift the blockchain startups to do business.

According to a statement issued earlier by the Office of the Attorney General of South Carolina, the tokens discovered by ShipChain and the cryptocurrency mining contracts of Genesis Mining are unregistered securities. However, in May of this year, ShipChain said it did not agree with the judgment of South Carolina's regulators and claimed that their tokens were not "securities." In addition, the company also said that it did not know that South Carolina residents could purchase their SHIP digital tokens.

But now, it seems that everything is gone. Tracy Meyers, a securities regulator at the South Carolina Attorney General's Office, said there are now legitimate reasons to lift the ban on Genesis Mining and ShipChain.

Similarly, Genesis Mining's business termination order has now been lifted. However, another Swiss Gold Global company with a similar nature to Genesis Mining is still recognized as an “unregistered broker dealer” and its business ban has not been lifted.

What do you think of this ban? If the two blockchain startups are all digital currency, and now the ban is lifted, does it mean that the US regulation of blockchain digital currency is getting looser? It won't be so strict, so it's a good thing for the currency circle!