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The blockchain is widely used, and finance and socialization will be subverted?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 14:36:23

As an advanced Internet technology, the blockchain uses a distributed accounting method and comes with a trust aura. It can solve many pain points of existing networks: low-cost point-to-point payment, anti-centralized cyber attacks, information transmission across countries (regions), information transmission and incentive mechanisms, making blockchain financial and social The field has the most application scenarios. So, what are the subversions of applications based on blockchain development?

Low-cost social needs drive ecological development

Social needs are always the first demand of human beings. Behind social needs, business modules such as entertainment, media, advertising, payment and e-commerce must be promoted. Behind the blockchain application is the autonomy, free and popularization of payment methods. In the process of socialization, peer-to-peer information transmission ensures that information is protected from attacks. If it is not actively deleted, all historical records can be retained. And broadcast the important information on the whole network; the blockchain social application can utilize the trust between the nodes, and can automatically implement the fund custody when advertising and intelligently fulfilling the contract; the media can truly obtain the advertisement when paying for the click. The customer clicks and pays; at the same time, when the user creates a large amount of user and content traffic for the ecosystem, the system automatically gives the virtual currency reward and supports the realization of the cash.

High-frequency, low-cost trading, driving financial transactions

The distributed accounting method makes financial transactions not need to provide large centralized exchanges for transactions. All transactions can realize low-cost matching transactions in the decentralized network. The transaction data is recorded and stored in the nearest block at the same time, and the card is not lost. The whole network or the central node realizes the record of transaction information, and has Can not be modified; financial transactions can achieve low-cost power, low network resources; can achieve 24-hour trading, unlimited rise and fall, two-way transactions; because of the expansion of the trading population, the implementation of the entire network accounting, able To prevent the occurrence of insider trading, all trading behaviors will be supervised by the participants; blockchain technology is to use the trusted Internet to conduct transactions, which can realize financial asset transactions across countries and regions. Reasonable allocation of funds has greatly improved the efficiency of capital utilization.

Low-cost financial asset management

The blockchain can realize multiple departments in the field of financial management. The industry company realizes unified account book, public account book, unified supervision, and the transfer cost is very low. In the management of financial assets, sharing the books, which helps to jointly supervise and increase the compliance of the asset management industry; in the process of financial management, the management of electronic contracts is more standardized, and the control of processes and financial risks is more efficient; The management is more efficient, the intelligence of supply chain management, the comprehensiveness of risk control, the openness and transparency of information disclosure, and the supervision of the whole people.