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The blockchain is on fire, and these five categories are the most beneficial!

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 14:32:19

According to the official diviner's calculations, you should belong to the fifth category of people in the “blockchain fire, these five categories of people benefit most”.

1. Entrepreneur

Whether it's good or bad, the 2017 ICO boom has revolutionized the way entrepreneurship is financed. Aside from some negative remarks, it is hard to deny that entrepreneurs around the world have been given energy by this new form of crowdfunding.

In the traditional sense, venture capital is very difficult. Some studies have shown that this process is highly discriminatory and almost impossible for most people, especially for countries with less developed technology. Adding difficulties.

However, the emergence of blockchain has given unprecedented support to thinkers around the world, many of which have already blossomed.

2. People in the currency inflation area

When it comes to blockchain, the most positively affected individuals are undoubtedly those living in areas of currency inflation. This situation can be seen everywhere in Venezuela, where hyperinflation reaches a four-digit number, making the actual wages of workers in the country less than $2 a month.

Encrypted currencies can help them preserve their currency, because if they use local currency, the balance on their hands will soon disappear. In this case, the emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies changed the lives of local people and even saved their lives.

3. Migrant workers

One of Bitcoin's early goals was to enter the $500 billion remittance market. For immigrant workers, it is cumbersome to send money to family members in other countries, with high fees and often a low safety factor.

The cheap, fast and global payment capabilities of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make it easier than ever to transfer funds to residents in any part of the world. Individuals can transfer money to any place for a few cents, which is much lower than the traditional 5% remittance fee.

4, freelancers

Freelancers, especially online freelancers, are taking advantage of both parties when they take over new projects and new customers, and both parties are at risk of being exploited, and the nature of these agreements can also lead to freelancers. Entrust a large amount of personal information to customers. However, smart contracts have fundamentally changed this issue.

Now, it only requires freelancers to give customers a public address. While protecting themselves, they also give customers the information they need. Smart contracts can also be used as an agreement between the parties to ensure that neither party is exploited or deceived. .

5. Citizens of developing countries

The rapid expansion of the blockchain industry gives the developing countries that embrace it a chance to surpass the developed countries. Its innovative technology application can not only stimulate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also increase employment and create new opportunities for regional economy. The global nature of cryptocurrencies also opens up the possibility of creating micro-tasks, now often referred to as bouncities.

Participating in a comprehensive blockchain community, citizens of developing countries around the world have carried out a large number of activities, and their cost of living and average wages are significantly lower than those of First World countries. Activities such as social media activities and translation subsidies in the cryptocurrency community enable these individuals to earn some additional income.