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Blockchain technology still has real application scenarios

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 14:18:26

Many people are optimistic about the blockchain technology, not because it is blowing, but blockchain may really be able to break the financial boundaries.

The blockchain gives us some insights. We can see the "open and credible books". You can "control the real name" and no longer submit your ID card to the hotel. Just judge that you are you? The problem is yes or no; with the wide application of smart contracts, we can not have to worry about executing problems and reduce litigation; we can also enjoy smarter life in the combination of AI, Internet of Things and blockchain....

Blockchain is not the same as P2P.The former is a technology, more like the previous Internet; the latter is a business model, more like a supplement to a financial institution. We saw in the blockchain world: public chain, alliance chain, private chain.

The public chain is like an operating system, and now all flowers are contending. Everyone wants to be the world's most common underlying technology, and the side chains are also effectively used. The alliance chain, in fact, we are most optimistic about achieving inter-industry interoperability in various fields within a certain range. , really open up the value between the various industries, so that the enterprises within the alliance are no longer their own wins, the current attempt in this area has been opened, we look forward to more landing projects; private chain, sister sister appears to be a large database in the system Monitoring and other aspects may play a role.