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Blockchains allow digital assets to flow freely

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 14:04:58

As an emerging technology, blockchain can solve some problems that cannot be solved by traditional technologies. In the process of realizing commercialization of blockchains, it focuses on multi-centric trust and is committed to creating a new generation of value-based networks that allow digital assets to flow freely.

01. The blockchain builds trust at the data level.

As a necessary resource for the development of commodity economy, credit has experienced many stages in human history, from believing things to believing people to believing things. The blockchain has changed the way people trust each other.

Blockchain can build "trust" at the data level. The key is to solve the non-derogable and non-repudiation of multi-participants at the data level. With the development of blockchain, through a series of technologies such as consensus algorithms and smart contracts, the network can be used for billing rather than the central organization. If the Internet solves the problem of information delivery, then blockchain is just like a machine for creating credit, paving the way for the formation of a future value-added Internet system.

02. The integration of blockchain and big data has two paths

The integration of blockchain and big data has two paths. One is to use big data technology in the blockchain domain, and the big data technology is used to solve the efficiency problem of data access and analysis in the blockchain; one is to apply blockchain technology. In the big data field, blockchain technology is used to solve the real power and transaction problems in big data.

Compared to blockchain, big data has the advantages of massive data, big data analysis, and big data credit. Similarly, compared with big data, blockchain has the advantages of data ownership, sharing transparency, and transaction settlement. The combination of blockchain and big data will produce a brand-new chemical reaction that can promote each other and complement each other. The blockchain can be combined with traditional systems. The advantage of combining is that it can be used as a new service or incremental service. Blockchain technology is not incompatible with traditional systems.


Although the level of domestic blockchain technology lags behind that of the international community, the gap is small. The domestic rich application scenario will promote the development of domestic technology, and China will have the opportunity to lead the world in blockchain. Blockchain Pathfinder is fully able to flex its muscles in the application of this technology and wins the right to speak for the development of blockchain technology in China.