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Zhejiang University first set up a blockchain course, Alibaba company benefit is the biggest?

Author:Hubi Date:2018-07-25 11:22:29

Blockchain is a very hot project in Hangzhou. In April this year, Hangzhou established a blockchain innovation fund with a scale of 10 billion yuan, and this is still the first country in China. Recently, Zhejiang University, which is located in Hangzhou, actually wants to open a blockchain course. Is this to indicate that Hangzhou is the center of the future of the blockchain? In addition, Hangzhou has Alibaba, so it is not impossible to recruit high-tech talent in the country!

First of all, this news was seen on the Internet and there were websites from the Xinhua News Agency. So it should be true that Zhejiang University really set up a blockchain course. Then Hangzhou will never lose its competitiveness in the future. City, in the direction of blockchain. The enrollment of Zhejiang University is in the fall of several years. It is expected that after the first batch of zeros, it is expected to learn blockchain technology, but it is also part of it. It is mainly part of higher grade undergraduates and graduate students. If you want to work in Alibaba company, then take this opportunity to learn, I believe that Alibaba company will not let you in the acquisition of blockchain technology!

The name of the course on blockchain at Zhejiang University is Blockchain and Digital Assets. One is a very deep course. Computer courses than computers do not know which students dare to register. From the information of Xinhua News Agency, this course is a module course for senior undergraduates and postgraduates in the direction of “Finance and Technology” at Zhejiang University’s School of Computer Science and Software. Its teaching materials are compiled and published by Zhejiang University teachers, "Advanced and Practical Blockchain Technology."

Just after checking the information online, there are currently nearly 200 blockchain patents in Hangzhou. Although this is incomplete statistics, it is not insignificant for the future development of Hangzhou, and it also helps Alibaba in the blockchain. The development, I believe that Alibaba is the happiest, as one of the BAT, the benefit should be the biggest, after all, it is undoubted that they will help to recruit blockchain talent later!