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Definition of digital assets

Author:Hubi Date:2018-05-31 13:55:21

Everyone has his own assets. For example, it can be seen that money wealth is a part of assets. Of course, there are other things. For example, you can't see it. It's like a celebrity, it's his own asset. How much is your advertising endorsement? So have you heard of digital assets?

Now, what we are talking about digital assets refers to encrypted digital currency using cryptographic algorithms. His major characteristics are decentralization, encryption and decryption technologies, blockchain technology, and consensus mechanisms. These technologies are mutual. Support, through the consensus mechanism as a whole, realizes the unique secure, open and traceable payment and transaction of cryptocurrency.

In February 2015, the European Central Bank released a report on digital assets that defined digital assets as a form of data that is not valued by monetary authorities. Under certain circumstances, it can be used as a currency. alternatives.

At present, the digital currencies on the market are "decentralized" Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and "centralized" Swiss coins, as well as the recent hot EOS. The technical principles they implement are basically the same. They are all digital cryptocurrencies. They need to be obtained through mining and contribution, and EOS is needed. "Decentralized" Bitcoin and Litecoin are not subject to any central authority or legal subjects. Theoretically avoiding bureaucracy approval, everyone has the right to issue currency.

There are currently three main scenarios for encrypting digital assets. One is digital currency used for circulation and settlement. The second is to pay for specific operations in the respective networks. It is the fuel for trading and the use of relevant blockchain resources (Gas ), the user simply uses its computing power to receive it in order to validate the transaction and promote its development; the third is to act as an incentive and operating tool for the product or community, that is, the role of the token or virtual currency. It can be said that encrypted digital currency is still very useful for many decentralized applications.

How to determine the value of digital assets? Aside the phenomenal nature, it is not gold. The value that can be embodied at present is speculative currency. There are too many types of digital currency on the market today. Teach you to simply distinguish and filter out a large amount of rubbish coins. To see what is the main body of issuing digital currency? Is the relevant legal document complete? Have you prepared a case? How about propaganda? How about packaging? Judging that many tokens can use this method, the project's background and strength determine the value of digital currency.

However, existing digital assets have problems with security, and it is still difficult to assume the function of storage means. Currently, digital currency is generally stored on computer hard drives, mobile devices or online wallets. When stored offline, once the computer fails or the mobile device is lost or damaged, the Bitcoin owner can easily lose the digital currency it owns, and the money stored in the online wallet may be attacked by hackers.