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HuBi Introduction

HuBi Introduction

HuBi(www.hubi.com)is a global digital asset trading platform。The platform will continue to introduce high-quality digital assets from all over the world, aiming to provide global users with borderless, zero-threshold and freer value transactions。Committed to providing a safe, transparent, free and open, fair and credible one-stop platform for digital asset trading.

HuBi Corporate Culture

Vision: To be the most respected digital asset trading platform

Mission: To provide the best quality matchmaking services for digital asset investors around the world

Values: Users First, Teamwork, Simplicity, Security, Freedom, Trustworthiness

Business philosophy: Everything is user-oriented, and everyone is a partner.

HuBi solagan: For value investors who think independently

HuBi's positioning

HuBi, as a trading platform focusing on blockchain assets, provides users with more secure, convenient, and reliable blockchain asset trading services. At the same time, HuBi will also integrate the world's best blockchain assets, combine blockchain technology and a new generation of intelligent systems to create a world-class blockchain asset comprehensive trading platform.

Hubi's core technology

Based on the decentralized distributed digital asset trading system, it adopts GSLB, distributed cluster technology, distributed storage, and high-speed memory transaction engine with multiple machines. The ultra-high user capacity, 7*24 server status tracking, real-time clearing, real-time supervision, system self-protection and automatic repair. Online real-time transaction order processing is free of delays and stalls. At the same time, we use advanced technologies such as cold wallets and hot wallets with offline private keys to provide secure, stable, and reliable digital asset transaction services to our customers with multiple terminals such as Web, mobile, and PC.